Youngblood Records


Worn Thin "Remnants Of What Could Have Been"

Fast hardcore with a melodic feel similar to later era Turning Point. This compact disc rounds up this group's recorded material, compiling their 7" on Youngblood (that shares the same name as this CD), their self-titled 7" on Malfunction, and seven previously unreleased tracks. In addition you also get a video for "Here's The Door". Crewcial.

Track Listing:

1. Before It Ends
2. Here's The Door
3. These Bitter Pills
4. Revisionist
5. Moving On
6. Gone, Bye
7. Vida Y Muerte
8. Time
9. In Pieces
10. Route 1
11. Intro
12. What
13. Threshold Test
14. Little Friend
15. Here