Queer Pills


16 Guns "On The Piss Again: Demos 1984/85"


Queer Pills brings you another slab of under appreciated, forgotten, UK punk. 16 Guns, a fiery young band existing from 83-85. They were a hard-working unit that toured and played all over the UK with the likes of UK Subs, The Samples, Hagar The Womb, Red London, Death Zone, The A-Heads, and the Toy Dolls to name a few.

Track Listing:

1. Private 999
2. Sod The Neighbours
3. Car Crash
4. Child Batterer
5. James Bond
6. Private 999 Two
7. Psycho
8. 24 Hours
9. Saturday Night
10. You
11. Evil Man
12. Idol