Unity Worldwide Records


V/A "Strength Thru Unity: A Conne Island Benefit Compilation"


Thirty-one bands from seven countries have joined forces to save the stage at Conne Island in Leipzig, Germany, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This compilation brings you 94 minutes of the finest hardcore, punk, and oi, including 14 previously unreleased tracks and six songs never released on vinyl before. All proceeds will be donated to Conne Island to help the venue survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

Track Listing:

1. Comeback Kid - Little Soldier
2. Death By Stereo - Death Is Our Equal (previously unreleased)
3. Sick Of It All - Into The Fray
4. Grey Area - Bad Anything
5. Youth Of Today - No More (live) (previously unreleased)
6. Be Well - Pouring Rain (previously unreleased)
7. Field Day - Invitation (previously unreleased)
8. Freewill - Why I'm Not Myself (previously unreleased)
9. Full Speed Ahead - Good Night White Pride
10. Heaven Shall Burn - Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines (alternate version) (previously unreleased)
11. Antidote NYHC - Divided State (previously unreleased)
12. Boysetsfire - Rookie (live) (previously unreleased on vinyl)
13. Vision - Window Pain (previously unreleased)
14. Up Front - Spirit (live) (previously unreleased)
15. Empowerment - Empowerment (demo) (previously unreleased on vinyl)
16. SFA - Good Morning (previously unreleased)
17. Joe, Zoli & Casey - Sacrifice (previously unreleased)
18. Cock Sparrer - Sons Of The New Millennium (previously unreleased on vinyl)
10. Beatsteaks - 48/49
20. Terrorgruppe - Mein Skateboard Ist Wichtiger Als Deutschland (single edit) (previously unreleased on vinyl)
21. Perkele - The Winner
22. The Struggle - Rat Race (previously unreleased on vinyl)
23. Lions Law - Destin Criminel
24. The Young Ones - March Of The Gutter Kids
25. Ryker's - Stay Gold
26. As Friends Rust - Laughing Out Loud (acoustic version) (previously unreleased)
27. Muff Potter - Was Willst Du (previously unreleased on vinyl)
28. Turbostaat - Sohnemann Heinz (live)
29. Winds Of Promise - Just Below The Horizon (previously unreleased)
30. Pascow - Kriegerin
31. Think About Mutation - Hellraver (previously unreleased)