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Safe "Power Of Bliss"

Safe is an Italian-German hardcore band and started out as a studio project when singer Dharmavit Das was busy with his other bands' recordings. In November 2018, they were locked into a studio again and recorded nine new songs for their "Power Of Bliss" album. In his Salad Days Studio, Brian McTernan (Battery, Ashes) took care of the final mixing and mastering of the songs and out came a mix of melodic and solid hardcore, a perfect compromise between the typical youth-crew sound of the '80s with a lot of melodies. LP includes digital download. Imported from Germany. 
Track Listing:

1. Collision
2. Learn To Climb
3. Not A Mirage
4. Moving Away
5. Power Of Bliss
6. Never Give Up
7. New And True
8. Progress
9. Our Bridge