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Trustkill Records


Soldiers "End Of Days"

Forged from the desire to express opinions and thoughts in a non-traditional way, Soldiers is a band made up of experienced, hard working kids who have toiled on the road away from their island home for many years. Soldiers represent a new Long Island sound; a reaction to all that has come before and the need to face new challenges. The members that comprise Soldiers have been on the front lines for years, and now working together they are poised and ready to fight for what they believe in; the music, their scene, and themselves.

Track Listing:

1. Even Worse
2. Sever Ties
3. The Reclamation
4. Decide And Conquer
5. Choosing Revenge
6. Relentless
7. Bound By Defiance (T$S)
8. Damage Is Done
9. Nothing More, Nothing Less
10. Own Up!
11. Since Day One
12. Smoke And Mirrors
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