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Nora "Save Yourself"

Lifelong hardcore scene veterans committed to the most forward-thinking end of the heavy music spectrum, Nora infuses their material with dark humor and creative energy. It could be argued that the greatest thing Nora has achieved with their new record, "Save Yourself," is the simple fact that they even managed to craft the damn thing at all. Because through all of the misfortune, anguish, heartache, false starts and agonizing stops that plagued New Jersey's ever defiant chaotic heavy music mainstays as they embarked on the journey between 2003's critically lauded "Dreamers And Deadmen" and this one, despite innumerable distractions, Nora has attained their greatest artistic achievement.

Track Listing:

1. Somebody Call Somebody
2. Scum
3. Broken
4. Save Yourself
5. Famous Last Words
6. Have You Ever Had A Really Bad Day?
7. Just Like Johnny
8. The Moment, The Sound, The Fury
9. Chances Aren't
10. The Ending