Triple-B Records


Pillars Of Ivory "The Biblical Scripturez"


At times resembling as much an old-school mixtape as proper musical collaboration, this full-length compiles the two demos from Pillars Of Ivory who are masterminded by the vocalists of Mindforce and Death Threat, and members of Age Of Apocalypse. Hip-hop heroes and rock 'n' roll tracks are all sampled within and mixed in with stomping, heavy hardcore in a way that pushes limits of just how close two different genres can come.

Track Listing:

1. Genesis (I. Key 2 Success, II. D.R.E.A.M, III. Strawberry Mac 10, IV. Salute, V. Gotti Du$t Bluntz, VI. 3. T.W.C.T.P.O.I, VII. Tearz Fall, VIII. Puffin At The Lantern)
2. Exodus (IX. Key 2 Success Part II, X. Voyage, XI. Yellow Hearts/Pink Diamonds, XII. Light Inside, XIII. Fearz Rise, XIV. Lost Soulz, XV. Whitney)
3. Leviticus (XVI. Lukey Cage SDS Connect, XVII. Leviticus, XVIII. Cash On Delivery)