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Trash Art! Sound and Culture


XFILESX "Excruciation"

Pure aggressive hardcore; short and to the point, and a classic record in waiting. Nihilism and Straight Edge go together like flies and shit - that's where XFilesX are coming from.

Track Listing:

1. Swallow Your Tongue
2. Head On A Stick
3. Testify
4. Murderin The Hog
5. Jesus Fish Out Of Water
6. Noise
7. I Hate What I Dont Understand
8. The Odd Couple
9. A Cozy Treat
10. Those Nails, How they Rust
11. Blast From The Past
12. STD
13. Excruciation
14. I Wish I Was Worse
15. F- Em
16. Ay, Guy
17. Crazy
18. God Fearing
19. Unemployment
20. Put Your Money Where ...
21. Falling Down
22. Wreck Yourself
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