Three One G


Zeus! "Motomonotono"

Luca Cavina and Paolo Mongardi's distorted bass, meticulous drumming, and volcanic screams have again erupted, this time in the form of "Motomonotono," the duo's third release. If you are familiar with the band, you know that the quality of Zeus! is that it is largely unlike anything else out there; this full-length is no exception. As heavy as this band is, there always remains an air of playfulness and wit about them, which is what makes their music a refreshing, if not slightly terrifying, tidal wave in a sea of the musically monotonous.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Enemy E Core
2. Colon Hell
3. Forza Bruta Ram Attack
4. San Leather
5. Krakatoa
6. Panta Reich
7. All You Grind Is Love
8. Rococock Fight
9. Shitfing
10. Phase Terminale