Three One G


V/A "Release The Bats"

Spawned from the cave that set the standard for mischievous, perverse, raucous punk music in the form of Australian band The Birthday Party, Three One G Records has set out to pay tribute with "Release The Bats." This album is a compilation of covers by varied acts from Cattle Decapitation to Some Girls to Ssion, each undoubtedly influenced in one way or another by The Birthday Party's wildly entwined goth-punk-jazz-blues sensibilities. Hidden in Das Oath's feedback and Rah Bras' unsettling synth lines lie curious, well-written, dark stories, and it's fascinating to hear them told through the collective, distorted echo of the Three One G family.<br>

Track Listing:

1. The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower - Pleasure Heads Must Burn
2. Das Oath - Friend Catcher
3. T Cells - Deep In The Woods
4. Cattle Decapitation - Sonny's Burning
5. Year Future - Blundertown
6. Ssion - Nick The Stripper
7. Ex Models - Mutiny In Heaven
8. Les Georges Leningrad - Riddle House
9. Rah Bras - Mr. Clarinet
10. Melt Banana - Faint Heart
11. The Chinese Stars - The Plague
12. Celebration - King Ink
13. Kill Me Tomorrow - Junkyard
14. Get Hustle - A Dead Song
15. Numbers - Cry
16. Error - Wild World
17. Daughters - Marry Me (Lie Lie)
18. Some Girls - Release The Bats