Three One G


The Blood Brothers "March On Electric Children"

Born in 1997, this Seattle, WA, onslaught has made its mark in musical history redefining musical styles and genres. "March On Electric Children" is the bands release before their departure of independent record labels, making this one of Three One G's best sellers. Members went on to take part in acts such as Neon Blonde, Jaguar Love, Fleet Foxes, Champagne Champagne, as well as Head Wound City.

Track Listing:

1. Birth Skin/Death Leather
2. Meet Me At The Water Front After The Social
3. March On Electric Children!
4. New York Slave
5. Kiss Of The Octopus
6. Siamese Gun
7. Mr. Electric Ocean
8. Junkyard J. Vs. The Skin Army Girlz/High Fives, LA Hives
9. American Vultures