Three One G


Secret Fun Club "Three One G No. 101"

Secret Fun Club's latest release, the wild-eyed brainchild of Sal Gallegos and John Rieder, once again shows that these two have mastered the art of auditory experimentation. Fluctuating between moments of scientific static worthy of alien airwaves on "Billy Joel Osteen," to seemingly straightforward jazz punctuated by soothing vibraphone and just-slightly-off time signatures that feel like a calm descent into madness on "Ted Nugent Was Goth In High School," Secret Fun Club proves repeatedly that their creativity is vast and unrestricted by any one musical direction. Throbbing wails and air-raid-siren assaults accompanied by punishing, repetitive rhythms give way to supremely sinister howls and collaborative noise from the likes of W.T. Nelson, Justin Pearson, Sam Lopez, and Esteban Flores on the 11 and 1/2 minute track "Black Metal To English Dictionary." LP includes digital download.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Mastodon Rickles
2. Scott Baiowulf
3. Sabre Drama (digital download only bonus track)
4. Black Metal To English Dictionary
5. Pariah Carey
6. Pinche Harmonix
7. Upright Brigade (digital download only bonus track)
8. Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark Throne
9. Billy Joel Osteen (digital download only bonus track)
10. Ted Nugent Was Goth In High School
11. Pat Minotaur