Three One G


Orthrelm "2nd 18/04"

Here you have two shred wizards from Washington, DC, and San Francisco, CA, making every hesher shit themselves with the sickest and most twisted sounds to hit planet Earth. This dynamic duo's members are related to acts such as Crom Tech, ABC’s, Quixotic, and The Flying Lutenbackers. Orthrelm mixes their influences of death metal, avant-jazz, modern classical, and world music on this album, which was recorded by themselves.

Track Listing:

1. Aonkrit Iom-Spear
2. Chriosainqueilltor
3. Draoxaimm Lef Lan
4. Norrill-Divotr
5. Gharaail 1st (Milrilm)
6. Cylryx-Agfolr
7. Optixun Straal
8. Allmuniekted
9. Scelxenak
10. Satrilvoithal
11. Altronate-Varl Viis
12. Hixor Sparrill Monce
13. 2nd13
14. 2nd14
15. Urthiln