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Microwaves "Via Weightlessness"

Of innumerable bands that traffic in dissonance, the music of Pittsburgh, PA's Microwaves shears clean and hot as an oxy-lance through the defenses of even the most cynical noise-rock aficionado. Over the years, Microwaves continued to pick up the loose ends left by Voivod, MX-80, Snakefinger, and some of their own Pittsburgh-area math-rock contemporaries, twisting them into a Gordian Knot that at once rages and confounds. Their latest album, "Via Weightlessness," tones down their previous effects-heavy approach, charging lean and unabated toward their dystopian vision. LP includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Via Weightlessness
2. My Credentials
3. Flip The Switch
4. Ex-Moonwalker
5. To Activate
6. Vexations
7. Annex Omneity
8. Love Catheter
9. Refrigerator Heaven
10. Gravitational Duel
11. Fright Gallery
12. Antibody