Three One G


Ill Saint M / Justin Pearson "A Pig's Orphan"

Three One G is proud to announce Ill Saint M and Justin Pearson's "A Pig's Orphan" remix EP. The track originally appeared as a flexi record as part of Pearson's "How To Lose Friends And Irritate People" book. So, the dynamic duo got back at it with a little help from friends such as Melt Banana, D-r-u-n-k, Mr Henshaw, Nick Zinner, Duran Duran Duran, Trap, and Satanicpornocultshop, all putting their own spin on the musical piece. 12"ep includes digital download.<br>

Track Listing:

1. A Pig's Orphan
2. A Pig's Orphan (Melt Banana remix)
3. A Pig's Orphan (D-r-u-n-k remix)
4. A Pig's Orphan (Mr Henshaw remix)
5. A Pig's Orphan (Nick Zinner remix)
6. A Pig's Orphan (Duran Duran Duran remix)
7. A Pig's Orphan (Trap remix)
8. A Pig's Orphan (Satanicpornocultshop remix)