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Mad Sin "...Sweet & Innocent? ...Loud & Dirty!"

Thorp Records is proud to announce Mad Sin's classic record called "Sweet & Innocent? ...Loud & Dirty!," originally released in 1998 via Bonanza Records, is available again with three bonus tracks and a video clip.

Track Listing:

1. Sin City Calling
2. Mad To The Bone
3. All This And More
4. Scarred Ole Heart
5. Dead Man Tell No Tales
6. Paralyzed
7. Take A Ride
8. Costa Del Hell
9. Tumblin' Down
10. Russian Roulette
11. Club Sin-A-Gogo
12. Love Dictator
13. Overdose Affair
14. Behind The Facade
15. Interceptor
16. Moustache
17. El Cattivo (bonus track)
18. No More Trick Or Treat (bonus track)
19. Misplaced (bonus track)