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Smartbomb "Chaos And Lawlessness"

Featuring two fifths of No Trigger (Nitro Records) and a member of Shock Nagasaki (TKO Records), Smartbomb is no stranger to punk rock, but with the aforementioned bands' hectic touring schedules, Smartbomb has been on the backburner and remained one of Massachusetts' best-kept secrets. Their music is much like their name; an explosion of ideas with thought-provoking lyrics that encourage the listener to question everything. Building on influences from a wide range of genres within punk, hardcore, and rock n' roll, Smartbomb offers an inspiring blend of progressive thinking and progressive punk rock.

Track Listing:

1. Begin
2. Throw In The Towel
3. Chaos And Lawlessness
4. Hands On It
5. Standard Issue
6. You Decide
7. 750ml
8. Kids These Days