New Day Rising


Where Eagles Dare "To Come From Nowhere"

From the Arizona plains, Where Eagles Dare are here to put the growing Phoenix scene on the hardcore map. After the success of their 2002 debut EP on Endwell Records, Where Eagles Dare have become one of the most talked about up and comers in the hardcore scene today. Taking elements of modern-day favorites like STRETCH ARMSTRONG, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD and SHAI HULUD as well as old-school "youth crew" legends such as SICK OF IT ALL and GORILLA BISCUITS, WHERE EAGLES DARE bring their own unique brand of relentless hardcore that attacks from all angles.

Track Listing:

1. The Tinman Cometh
2. Bridges Made Of Matches
3. What Lies Ahead
4. Bayonettes And Bedsheets
5. Despite The Casualties
6. And I Almost Forgot
7. You'll Need A Body Bag
8. Intensive Care Unit
9. It's OK To Steal
10. Hard Times
11. Good Times
12. Neverending Roadtrip
13. Paramedique?