Malfunction Records


Right On "Reality Vacation"

Right On takes more from bands like Lights Out and Outbreak; where a conversation that runs too long could make you miss their highly energetic and spontaneous style of fast trashy yet youth crew based hardcore.

Track Listing:

1. S.A.M.R.
2. Vengeance Pit
3. Reality Vacation
4. Our Scene
5. Over You
6. Fuck Work
7. Dullsville, U.S.A.
8. Re-Evolution
9. Smoke And Mirrors
10. Keepin' On
11. Choice
12. Let's Roll
13. Same Difference
14. Such Is Life
15. Lighten Up
16. Evolution
17. Those Who Own The Streets, Own The City
18. Reality Vacation
19. Our Scene
20. Let's Roll
21. Rotten
22. More To Me
23. Self Defense Mechanism
24. Such Is Life