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Get Outta Town Records


Offsides "It's A Struggle To Communicate"

This girl-fronted, pissed off youth crew band has been turning heads and earning accolades from some of their most popular contemporaries. A departure from the sound of their demo and split 7" with Ripshit, the band has moved away from the thrashier, unrefined writing style, to a more mature and musically evolved sound; complete with emotional lyrics and catchy choruses. The album features Charles Chaussinand (Make Or Break, No Harm Done, Trample, Esteem, Flame Still Burns and Get Outta Town Records) on guitar and it is clear that some new faces in this band have certainly breathed new life into what they are doing.

Track Listing:

1. Taking It
2. War Of Choice
3. Pointless
4. Ongoing Story
5. Gone
6. At Zero