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Herder "Gods"

With "Gods," Herder is taking another big stab forward with an even darker and heavier sound than on their previous work (once again done by professional bar brawler and string wizard JB at Hewwetover Studio). The songs show more depth and have a more sinister feel without losing the knuckle-sandwich-buffet-in-your-face brutality the band became infamous for. And "Gods," featuring the incredible art of Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vampire, Entrapment), is the new chapter in the dark, evil and fucked up loudness that is Herder.

Track Listing:

1. Genesis 3:29
2. Betrayer Deceiver
3. Gods
4. Pythia
5. Stab
6. Asylums Of The Forgotten
7. Maelstrom
9. Blood From Life
10. Soul Harvester