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From Autumn To Ashes "Holding A Wolf By The Ears"


"Holding A Wolf By The Ears" was From Autumn To Ashes' fourth album, originally released in 2007, and their final studio record ahead of their hiatus in 2008, and is also the only one without the band's original lead vocalist, Ben Perri. It has been reissued in celebration of Vagrant's 25th anniversary.

Track Listing:

1. Deth Kult Social Club
2. On The Offensive
3. Recounts And Recollections
4. Daylight Slaving
5. Delusions Of Grandeur
6. Sensory Deprivation Adventure
7. Everything I Need
8. Under Pass Tutorial
9. Love It Or Left It
10. Travel
11. A Goat In Sheep's Rosary
12. Pioneers