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Foreign Pain "Death Of Divinity"

Foreign Pain started in 2016 by members of The Ghost Inside, The Warrios, and others, and spent several years writing their debut full-length, "Death Of Divinity,"  perfecting a sound that draws influence from groups like Botch, Converge, Eighteen Visions, and Turmoil while remaining timely and modern in its execution. The album explores themes of anger, isolation, and frustration - ultimately commenting on the shared human experience and giving listeners a deeply personal batch of songs that are as vulnerable as they are pissed off.

Track Listing:

1. ...On Failure
2. Kill To Rise
3. Torchlight
4. Holy Order
5. Blood Oath
6. Knell
7. I Thought It Was Me
8. And The World Remained Silent
9. We Are What We Fear
10. South Of Life