Real Gone Music


45 Grave "Sleep In Safety"


Formed from putrefying remnants of The Germs, The Consumers, The Bags, The Gun Club, and The Screamers, among other LA punk outfits, 45 Grave was arguably the first American goth/deathrock band and inarguably one of the best. Fronted by the Exene-meets-Barbarella vocal and visual stylings of Dinah Cancer (still one of the greatest stage names in a punk rock-genre full of 'em), 45 Grave also featured Paul B. Cutler on guitar, Don Bolles on drums, Rob (Ritter) Graves on bass, and Paul Roessler on keyboards, and from that all-star line-up came 1983's "Sleep In Safety," their lone studio release and only recording with the band's original members. For this Real Gone Music exhumation of this classic record, they have embalmed a very special edition, preserving the original album's gatefold edition complete with lyrics and adding a custom inner-sleeve drawn from the band's very rare "A Tale Of Strange Phenomena" press release.

Track Listing:

1. Insurance From God
2. Evil
3. Partytime
4. Dream Hits II
5. Slice O' Life
6. 45 Grave
7. Phantoms
8. Violent World
9. Bad Love
10. Surf Bat
11. Procession