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Reflections Records


V/A "28th Of January 2006: Live At Reflections Fest"

To celebrate Reflections' 10-year existence they wanted to do something special and that basically started with a line of festivals in 206. After a long time of discussing which songs and what filmed parts to use, the result is something they're really proud of. The recording and sound quality are absolutely fantastic and it makes this release not only the best possible way to remember that specific day but also an amazing live document with the best hardcore bands out there.

Track Listing:

1. No Turning Back - Never Give Up
2. No Turning Back - Sick World
3. No Turning Back - Stay Away
4. Modern Life Is War - The Outsiders AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part One
5. Modern Life Is War - John And Jimmy
6. Modern Life Is War - First And Ellen
7. Rise And Fall - Forked Tongues
8. Rise And Fall - Stakes Is High
9. Rise And Fall - The Void
10. Terror - Better Of Without You
11. Terror - Push It Away
12. Terror - One With The Underdogs
13. Omission - Refuse Regret
14. Omission - Fragile Moods
15. Omission - Bled With You
16. Blacklisted - Coming Clean
17. Blacklisted - 3800 (We're Unstoppable)
18. Blacklisted - How Quickly We Forget