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Reflections Records


Suffering Quota "s/t"

This is Suffering Quota's self-titled debut album. Like the unfortunate people in the incredible artwork, Suffering Quota throws you in a whirlwind of grindcore, D-beat and sludge. Due to their wide palette of in- fluences, unexpected changes and tons of variation in speed, Suffering Quota really stands out from the mass of grindcore and extreme metal bands and delivers a debut album that's an absolute must for those who like their music furious, hard and extreme.

Track Listing:

1. Retribution
2. Pariah
3. Corrupt Messiah
4. Dissociated Sensory Loss
5. Worn Out
6. Back In The Fire
7. Reverance
8. Pigs On Fire
9. Murder Of Crows
10. Pale Horse
11. Unaware
12. Conflict