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Reaper Records


Naysayer "Laid To Rest"

Richmond, VA has a long tradition of strong and vital hardcore outfits, and in a scene that puts out that much quality consistently, there is only one surefire way to ignite a crowd: by pouring your heart and being into every set. Debuting with the EP "No Remorse" in 2009 and continuing on with the "Down But Not Out" EP earlier this year, fall 2011 brings Naysayer's first full-length to Reaper, "Laid To Rest." Get it, learn it and go experience it live. LP includes digital download. Now available on CD.

Track Listing:

1. Follow Blind
2. Labeled
3. DJD
4. Faceless
5. Down But Not Out
6. Lesson Learned
7. Infiltrator
8. Keep Walking
9. Undertow
10. Think Twice
11. Laid To Rest