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The Defects "Defective Breakdown"


The Defects are one of Belfast, Ireland's most iconic and longest-running punk bands; believe it or not, they are still out touring and playing live after 42 years as a band, and releasing new albums. They released this blistering and ferocious slab of UK punk in 1982 on the legendary WXYZ Records. This reissue marks the first time it's been available domestically in the US. LP includes a 24" x 24" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Dance
2. 20th Century
3. Survival (new version)
4. Deprived
5. Killer On The Streets
6. Bitch
7. Defective Breakdown
8. Conscription
9. Casualty
10. We Don't Care
11. Live In Pain
12. Head On Collision
13. Metal Walls
14. Thoughts