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The Old Firm Casuals "This Means War"

Originally released by Oi! The Boat Records (USA) and Randale Records (Europe) in 2014, "This Means War" is The Old Firm Casuals' debut LP. Taking a few songs from previously released (and highly acclaimed) singles, and elevating them by sandwiching them together with new tracks, this record became a fan favorite quickly. LP includes one additional track. 

Track Listing:

1. Langskib
2. This Means War...
3. Perry Boys
4. Election Day
5. Off With Their Heads
6. Never Say Die
7. Eternal City
8. Needle On The Record
9. Apocalypse Redux
10. The Dear Leader
11. Wolves Of War
12. Victory
13. Watford Tuxedo (bonus track)