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Crim "Pare Nostre Que Esteu A L'Infern"

Crim is arguably the biggest band in Catalonia. Anyone who has seen this band live or heard their two previous albums can attest to the power and drive that fuels this impressively talented group of free-thinking musicians. In line with those two previous releases, this new full-length delivers tenfold; showing people across the world that Crim is a band worth paying attention to. Now available on CD.</p>

Track Listing:

1. Potser No Hi Ha Final
2. Hivern Etern
3. Caiguda Lliure
4. La Puta Copa Del Rei
5. Pare Nostre Que Esteu A L'Infern
6. Ullals De Llet
7. Quan Tornin Les Sirenes
8. Viure O Existir
9. De Debo
10. Himnes Contra El Temps
11. L'Instint Dels Animals
12. Quan Tot Sigui Fosc
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