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No Comply "East Coast Powerviolence"

Along with Asshole Parade, No Comply was not only a pioneer of the Southeast powerviolence scene, but, along with Godstomper, also pioneered the bass-centric form of hardcore/powerviolence that is so prevalent today. Forming the band in the mid-1990s, Justin Abare continued No Comply through many different iterations into the 2010s. This full-length archives this progression, compiling over 40 songs from No Comply's most important releases, including their material from splits with Christ Mess, Godstomper, Exhumed, Capitalist Casualties, and Suppression, among many other releases.

Track Listing:

1. Illuminati Universal
2. Tofu Cookie Cutter
3. Flying Guillotine Slay Area
5. Andrew Reynolds Vs. Wallenburg
6. The Big Picture
7. Illuminati Pt. II
8. Grip Tape Face
9. Growing Up In...
10. South Park Crew
11. A.S.A.P
12. Prelude To Untitled
13. Don't Forget
14. Blinded Vision
15. Who We Are...
16. Ogar Part II
17. Still Pole Bashin'
18. Song #32
19. Judy's Back In Court
20. I'd Rather Wear Speedos
21. New Monster
22. Judge Judy
23. Botched Friendship
24. Pole Basher
25. Ogre
26. Stolen Battery
27. Song #32
28. The Noise Set (9 Songs)
29. Force Fed Violence
30. Silence Is Golden
31. Disgrace On Jedi Forces
32. Only Built For Cuban Lynx
33. Stop The Nonsensical Jabber
34. Still Got Beef With Roller Bladers
35. Napalm Bath
36. Low Expectations
37. Squatter
38. Danliftingbanner
39. Van Halen
40. The Empire Kids (The Kids Of Widney High)
41. John Travolta AKA Travolta's Lil' Piece