Phantom Chord


Demented Are Go "Kicked Out Of Hell"

As part of Phantom Chord's ongoing campaign to reissue some of psychobilly's earliest and finest records, they present the first domestic release of Demented Are Go's second studio barn burner, "Kicked Out Of Hell," originally released in 1988 on I.D. Records in the UK. Continuing where their classic debut left off, the boys took it to a whole new level of crazy and wild. The album gives you their unique blend of raging punk and swingin' rockabilly with added ferocity.

Track Listing:

1. Satans' Rejects
2. Human Slug
3. Cripple In The Woods
4. Decomposition
5. Cast Iron Arm
6. Call Of The Wired
7. Rubber Plimsoles
8. Shadow Crypt
9. Surf Ride To Oblivion
10. Old Black Joe
11. Sick Spasmoid
12. Vietnam
13. Jet Tone Boogie