Bluurg Records


Culture Shock "Mandemic"

In the mid-'80s, UK-punk bands Subhumans, Organised Chaos, and Aheads all split up and members of each got to create Culture Shock, who brought a refreshing, original blend of reggae-driven bass, roller-coasting drums, and punked-up ska guitar to an alternative scene that welcomed their original combination of danceable tunes and socially aware lyrics. Alongside touring the UK, they recorded the "Attention Span" album for Alternative Tentacles Records in 2015, self-released "Humanity Show" on Bluurg Records in 2018, and have now self-released a new album, "Mandemic," whose fresh, upbeat, insightful songs are a product of the viral and cultural lockdown of 2020. Recorded in the available moments between lockdowns and largely never played live, these songs are fresh and bouncy, fired up and angry, solid and spikey - both a reflection of, and an antidote to, the current times.

Track Listing:

1. Penny For The Guy
2. Mandemic
3. War On Senses
4. Consequences
5. War Is Peace
6. Wake Up Time
7. Concentration
8. Concentration Dub
9. Too Much Of Everything