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Cryptopsy "None So Vile"


"None So Vile" is the second album by Cryptopsy, originally released on the now defunct Wrong Again Records. The album now has a considerable reputation within the death-metal genre; along with Suffocation's "Pierced From Within," many credit it with revitalizing the genre during the mid-'90s and adding an unprecedented influence on the technical death-metal and brutal death-metal subgenres. It is the first album to feature bassist Eric Langois and the last album to feature vocalist Lord Worm, until his return on 2005's "Once Was Not." Now available again on 180 gram vinyl. Imported from The Netherlands.

Track Listing:

1. Crown Of Horns
2. Slit Your Guts
3. Graves Of The Fathers
4. Dead And Dripping
5. Benedictine Convulsions
6. Phobophile
7. Lichmistress
8. Orgiastic Disembowelment