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Anti-Heros "Underneath The Underground"


This 1999 full-length from American oi/street-punk band Anti-Heros includes the classic tracks from their 1992 "Election Day" 7" as a bonus not found on the CD. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes free digital download.

Track Listing:

1. More Stupid Than Stupid
2. Phoenix Program
3. N.L.C.
4. I'm True
5. Matt And Me
6. Red White And Black And Blue
7. Rich People Don't Go To Jail
8. World War 1.3
9. Sunset Limited
10. Election Day
11. Truck Stop Toilet
12. Underneath The Underground
13. Election Day (bonus track)
14. You'll Never Put Us Down (bonus track)
15. Oi! (bonus track)