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Freewill "Sun Return"


Formed in 1987, Freewill quickly became a staple at local shows in Southern California, sharing the stage with bands like Uniform Choice, No For An Answer, Reason To Believe, Insted and many others. Soon after signing to and recording this record for Wishingwell Records, the label closed down, leaving this release on a shelf. Years later, the master tape was sold to Lost & Found Records in Europe (without the bands knowledge or approval) and was bootlegged and made available on CD. Fast forward to 2016. Here is the first actual authorized release of their first full-length.

300 Coke Bottle Clear

Track Listing:

1. Almost Again
2. For Times
3. Mirror Me
4. Disappear Here
5. Always
6. Every Breath
7. Easy
8. Shine
9. Reach
10. Nothing Lasts