To Live A Lie Records


Tired Of Everything "Behind The Blade"

Tired Of Everything has shared the stage with Regional Justice Center, Magnitude, No/Mas, Soul Glo, Brain Tourniquet, Rashomon, and many others to cut their teeth on that dank basement, DIY, wheat-pasting guttural yelling, anxiety-inducing sound that takes some age to cure. "Behind The Blade" showcases four songs written by each member of the band and one ex-member that show a darker side and cover topics ranging from political cover-up, brainwashing, classism, and vigilante justice. Equalizing Distort Radio called Tired Of Everything a youth-crust band, and they have continued down that path with stompier parts, angrier songs, and a complete overtone of malaise and nihilism. Limited edition of 150 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Couldn't Relate
2. Unglue
3. Redacted
4. Behind The Blade