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The Wonder Years "Sister Cities"

After doing their last three albums with famed pop-punk producer Steve Evetts, The Wonder Years recorded this one with Joe Chiccarelli (Manchester Orchestra, The Shins) and Carlos de la Garza (Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, Tegan And Sara, M83), and it's the biggest departure from the band's pop-punk roots yet. "No Closer To Heaven" experimented with the pop-punk formula more than really any band had in a while, but "Sister Cities" has them leaving that sound almost entirely behind and just making a solid "punk-ish" rock record.

Track Listing:

1. Raining In Kyoto
2. Pyramids Of Salt
3. It Must Get Lonely
4. Sister Cities
5. Flowers Where Your Face Should Be
6. Heaven's Gate (Sad & Sober)
7. We Look Like Lightning
8. The Ghosts Of Right Now
9. When The Blue Finally Came
10. The Orange Grove
11. The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me