Victory Records


Blood For Blood "Outlaw Anthems"

The final studio recording from this Boston based band known for breaking bottles, smashing tables, and brawling their way through any barrier that society has managed to build. Spreading their anti-societal messages across the country and around the world in a scene currently lacking in old-fashioned angry hardcore, this band stands where legends like Sheer Terror and Killing Time once reigned. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.

Track Listing:

1. A Post Card From The Edge
2. Mother Dear
3. Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth II)
4. Dead End Street
5. White Trash Anthem
6. So Common, So Cheap
7. Tear Out My Eyes
8. Some Kind Of Hate
9. Love Song
10. Bloodshed
11. She's Still A Bitch (Called Hope)