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Abstain "Infirm Of Purpose"


San Diego, CA, has a rich history of hardcore dating back to Amenity during the Reagan era, to Unbroken, House Of Suffering, and Struggle in the '90s, to Over My Dead Body, Take Offense, and Mizery in the 2000s. Abstain picks up where Unbroken left off, melding metallic hardcore riffs with heavy breakdowns and a decisively straight-edge message. Their debut EP, "Infirm Of Purpose," was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Terror's Nick Jett (Strife, Berthold City, Backtrack, Rotting Out). 12"ep includes a blank B-side.

Track Listing:

1. A Straight Edge Hymn
2. Faced With A Choice
3. Lethal Dose
4. Dual Allegiance
5. Reckoning