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Lovitt Records


Rah Bras "EPS CD"

Rah Bras return with their first release on Lovitt Records in three years with EPS, a remastered collection of their three out-of-print EPs originally released on Lovitt, Vermiform, and Lungcast Records. They establish and fortify their unnerving pageant of synthy hooks, primal beats, and bravado in this sumptuous release.

Track Listing:

1. FYC
2. Water Damage
3. Bus Stop
4. Great Garden
5. Blimp (De Fook-Oh)
6. The Fifth Allen
7. Nasty, Freak
8. R.C.M.
9. Poisson
10. Dead Bass Thing
11. Jim, The Spelunker
12. Oui, Oui, Oui
13. Business Inspirational
14. The Troubles Should Be Died
15. Subtlights
16. Pancheerah
17. Skin=Chronized
18. Tokyo Bus Stop