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Navies "House Ties"

"House Ties" comprises a short, two-song bombastic screed. Ed (guitar/vocals), Mike (bass/vocals), and Sean (drums) take wide, savage swipes at the breezy, carefree norms of mainstream, conservative America and make no attempts to put things back in order. They see contemporary society lying in shambles. Dystopia is everywhere. On the other hand, what heightens the magnetism of this 7" is that it's presented in such a completely unassuming manner. Navies appears nowhere; a gray, lifeless wall ravaged by Hurricane Katrina drapes the cover. The 7" is clear, and the lyrics for "House Ties" ("Continental Divide" is a hulking, instrumental gem) look like a fragment of discarded code from an outdated computer. A mysterious cipher delivers the goods, and nothing prepares listeners for what awaits.

Track Listing:

1. House Ties
2. Continental Divide