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Lovitt Records


Haram "s/t"

On this spectacular debut, HARAM mines disparate facets of punk and noise to conjure something wholly cohesive and engaging. Matt Michel and Mike Taylor's dual guitars roil and churn, while Kevin Lamiell and Andy Gale form a kinetic and explosive rhythm section on bass and drums, respectively. Unrelenting and forward, HARAM possesses a mature, tempered confidence that only comes with experience and do-it-yourself resolve. Their first full-length effort is truly a moody and atmospheric masterpiece.

Track Listing:

1. Sale
2. Out Of Tune
3. Slob
4. Fade Away
5. Make It Up
6. Deal
7. Plastic Hearts
8. Disease
9. Mountain Of Youth
10. Clean Sweep
11. Scar Chest
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