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Lovitt Records


Auxes "Mehr! Mehr! Mehr!"

In 2012, the Auxes' third full-length, "More! More! More!," was released on Gunner Records as a 13-song album and on Lovitt Records as a 4-song 7" called "Mehr! Mehr! Mehr!," which includes a download of all 13 songs. Musically, the new songs have a stripped-down, aggressive, punk rock sound - fitting for a city where cop cars are routinely set on fire. Citing rough comparisons to Wipers, Hot Snakes, Agent Orange and pre-Rollins-era Black Flag, the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. 7" includes a free download for the entire 13-song album "More! More! More!".

Track Listing:

1. More! More! More!
2. Bad Cats, Nine Lives
3. Only See When You Need To See
4. Dead End Problems