45 Adapters "Patriots Not Fools" $11.00
Bonecrusher "Hate Divides Us, Music Unites Us" $14.00
Bonecrusher "Porn Star b/w Poverty"
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Bonecrusher "Saints & Heroes"
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Concrete Elite "Iron Rose" $11.00
Concrete Elite "The Survival" $11.00
Criminal Outfit "A Million Saturdays" $12.00
Doug & The Slugz "Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude" $14.00
Doug & The Slugz "Just Another Battle b/w Power In Numbers" $4.50
Doug & The Slugz "Smash! Hits Vol. 1" $14.00
Faz Waltz "Callin' Loud" $11.00
Hard Wax "This Is The Sound"
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Lion's Law "The Pain, The Blood, And The Sword (Picture Disc)" $14.00
LVGER "Fvll Villain" $14.00
No Heart / The Opposition "Split" $11.00
Orreaga 778 "Herrimina (Picture Disc)" $16.00
Savage Beat "New World" $12.00
Suede Razors "The Bovver & The Glory b/w Crazy Paving" $6.00
The Choice Few "One Way Streets" $12.00
The Detained "The Beast" $11.00
The Generators / Crashed Out "Blood, Sweat & Glory (Split)" $11.00
The Seaside Rebels / Rude Pride "On Common Ground (Split)" $3.50
Top Dog "Razor Reg" $3.50
Weekend Kids "The Life We Chose" $7.00
Wired Up "Gets Rich On Rock N Roll" $7.00