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The New Rochelles "It's New Too!"


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New York's The New Rochelles has been taking a classic approach to writing catchy Ramones-influenced punk since 209. Consisting of Ronnie, Ricky and Rookie Rochelle, the band has been hammering out minute and a half long songs spanning three separate vinyl releases. Now it is with extreme pride they are bringing together a complete discography on CD so fans can have everything in one place along with two previously un-released tracks.

Track Listing:

1. Go Go New Ro!
2. This Is My LJ
3. Did Something Bad
4. Watch Out For The Skunk Ape
5. Quit Givin' Me The Stinkeye
6. Truth Serum
7. Who Will? (I Will)
8. Static Shock
9. Jargon Mania
10. S.L.O.T.H.
11. Tina's Got A Toothache
12. It's Really Hard To
13. Cuidado
14. Nightcrawler
15. Hey Pizza!
16. I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Crawlspace
17. Two Scoops (bonus track/previously unreleased)
18. What I Want (bonus track/previously unreleased)
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