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Indecision Records


Undertow "Everything"

At a time when grunge was "in," these boys made their own noise and laid the tracks that every hardcore band in Washington has followed since. Untainted, unspoiled and uncomprised. This collection includes all of the essential material from one of the founding fathers of Seattle straight edge. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Delusion
2. Control
3. Noose
4. Sixteen Twenty Three
5. Everything
6. Kill
7. Never
8. At Both Ends
9. Taken
10. Escape
11. Instinct
12. Apology
13. Buried
14. Cedar
15. Thrown Back
16. Where Do We Go
17. Pin
18. Sink
19. Taken
20. Cedar
21. Words Of Fire
22. Pin
23. Cutting Away
24. Stalemate
25. Instinct
26. Thrown Back
27. Torn Apart
28. Building