Indecision Records


Adamantium "Traditions"

Derived from the strongest of elements, Adamantium defies categorization, fusing together the best of punk, metal and hardcore with honesty and emotion. Hailing as one of the first and most influential bands of the Orange County metallic hardcore scene, this twelve song retrospective ties up all the loose ends in Adamantium's recorded history. This includes the full session from their EP which has 3 completely unreleased songs as well as all the compilation tracks recorded with the original line up.

Track Listing:

1. Forgotten
2. Funeral of Silence
3. It Dies Today
4. The Need
5. Ink on Paper
6. Who Set the Rules
7. Defeat the Purpose
8. Virus
9. Time Is the Enemy
10. Fuck You
11. Funeral of Silence
12. Re-Ignition