Go Kart Records


V/A "Go-Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant 4"

"Go-kart Vs. The Corporate Giant 4" is the latest low-priced sampler from the folks at Go-kart Records. The first three records of this series have sold 200,000+ copies worldwide and this one should fly off the shelves just as fast. This latest audio assault contains tracks from the new breed of Go-kart bands including The Shocker, Cougars, I Farm, Transmission0, Rifu, Ten Foot Pole and more. Also includes a few unreleased tracks. These are the bands everyone will be talking about tomorrow.

Track Listing:

1. Rifu - Let Them Eat Bombs
2. Bambix - Revolution
3. Ten Foot Pole - Last Call For Russell's Balls
4. The Shocker - The Wind Beneath The Wings Of A Common House Fly
5. The Go Faster Nuns - Peppermint Petty
6. Nervous Nellie - No Calls
7. The Gaslight Anthem - Drive
8. I Farm - Land Of The Lost
9. The Very Job Agency - Beatless
10. Parasites - Ronnie Is A Psycho
11. The Ergs - Everything Falls Apart (And More)
12. World Inferno Friendship Society - Tattoos Fade (live)
13. Guff - Divided We Fall
14. Cougars - Scissitar!
15. Ira - Long Live The Parts I
16. Transmission0 - Cocoon
17. Rifu - Laugh Ourselves To Death
18. I Farm - G Samsu
19. Nervous Nellie - Personal Elvis
20. Bambix - So Sorry Song
21. The Shocker - Bad Brain Good Head
22. Cougars - Who's Got The Sniff?