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The Spades "Learning The Hard Way"

These guys are from Holland, and they fill their music with Motorhead-inspired guitar riffs. While bits and pieces of the lyrical content are a bit suspect, the intensity and quality of the music more than makes up for the fact that English is probably these guys' second language. If you like hard rock with a slight trace of punk music, then The Spades are right up your alley. There's plenty of good things going on with this album. You've got love songs, anthems, social songs, political songs, and great guitar solos.

Track Listing:

1. Hit N' Run
2. Hurt You Again
3. C'Mon Baby
4. Gotta Get Some
5. Motormouth
6. I'm Gone
7. Gator Lane
8. Beat Me
9. Twenty Years
10. I'm Loose
11. Random Violence
12. I Feel Alright
13. Who The Man?
14. You Had It Comin'
15. Friday Night Riot
16. Bad Girl
17. Sanctuary